Zuni Snake Dancer Bolo.  Comes with stand for displaying when you aren't wearing it.


Kachina Bolo by Navajo artist Will Denedale.


Eagle dancer Bolo by Navajo artist Will Denetdale.


Beautiful silver work surrounds this turquoise and coral bolo by Leonard Nez.  Mounted on hand braided leather strap with silver tips.



This Concho belt came from a pawn shop.  It has 6 round conchos, 7 butterfly conchos and a buckle mounted on heavy leather.


The concho belt on the right is an old pawn piece with 7 round conchos, 8 butterfly conchos, and a buckle.


This concho belt has belt has 9 conchos and a buckle, each one containing an inlay kachina.


Navajo concho belt made up of bear conchos with both turquoise and coral stones.  There are 11 conchos and a buckle mounted on leather.


This is a small concho belt that will actually fit thru your belt loops.  there are 12 conchos and a buckle all sterling silver.