A large Kingman Turquoise stone is set in a heavy silver cuff bracelet.


Another beautiful Kingman Turquoise stone sets off this nice cuff.


Oval shaped Kingman stone makes this nice heavy cuff.


This nice cuff sports a large Blue Gem Turquoise stone.


A beautiful example of Blue Gem Turquoise makes this nice large cuff.


Natural shaped Blue Gem Turquoise is found in this cuff.


This is an older piece with gem quality Blue Gem Turquoise.


Nice large Royston stone in heavy silver describes this Navajo bracelet.


Try a beautiful Boulder Turquoise (also called Ribbon Turquoise) cuff bracelet.


Three stone Royston bracelet with stamped cuff.


Three large Kingman Blue Turquoise makes up this bracelet with silver swirls surrounding the stones.


Extra large Easter Blue Turquoise cuff bracelet.


Exquisite silver work surrounds a beautiful spider web turquoise in this Leonard Nez cuff.


Large silver cuff bracelet with thunderbird inlay by famous Zuni artist Bobby Shack.


Beautiful smooth Zuni inlay cuff for the smaller wrist.


Nice 5 wire silver cuff with Sonora Sunrise stone.


Traditional Navajo pettipoint cuff.


This opal inlay cuff would make a great gift for any October birthday. 


Richard Singer is the artist for this nice large cuff bracelet.


Another large cuff by Richard Singer.


This beautiful very heavy cuff has turquoise cluster on top with two spiney oyster and one charoite stone on each side.


Old pawn bracelet with pounded silver around raised design.  Also has design on inside.


Ladies bear claw cuff. Came from a pawn shop in New Mexico.


Sterling silver cuff with three horses.


Sterling silver Navajo storyteller cuff.


Old Effie bracelet from pawn shop.  Much heavier than newer ones.


Large Effie bracelet with black onyx stones and red snake eyes.


Coral and turquoise Effie bracelet with red snake eyes.


Small Effie turquoise cuff.


Effie watch with turquoise & coral.


Beautiful inlay watch with expansion band.


Zuni inlay watch with expansion band.


Old watch tips with turquoise stone and expansion band.


Old watch from pawn shop.  Has Bisbee Turquoise and side mount watch face.


Multicolor ladies watch.  Navajo made.