Pendants featuring the beautiful Boulder Turquoise from the Royston mine set in Sterling silver.

$200.00 each

Boulder Turquoise (also known as Ribbon Turquoise) pendant in sterling silver.


Turquoise and silver pendants by Leonard Nez


Large mother of pearl pendant with inlayed picture of bird, beautifully surrounded by black onyx stones.


Inlay mother of pearl pendant with inlayed picture of bird, surrounded by turquoise and mother of pearl.


Mother of pearl pendant with inlay cardinal surrounded by turquoise.


Mother of pearl pendants with inlay birds.

$185.00 each

Mother of pearl pendants with inlay birds.


Very high quality Zuni inlay pendant with center swivel piece made by Don Dewa.


Bracelet with mother of pearl hosting inlay cardinal.


Horse pin or pendant by Calvin Begay.


Choice of Calvin Begay pendants with Lapis.


This old pawn piece is made with mediterranean coral.


This old Navajo set features Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  It comes with pendant, clip earrings, bracelet and ring.


This old pawn coral set made by Jo Beth Maze consists of Necklace, clip earrings, bracelet and concho belt.


Choice of blue or green turquoise in these beautiful horse head pendants with matching beads.

$435.00 each

Kachina pendant with spiney oyster stone on matching beads. Navajo piece doneby Richard Singer.


Pendant and earring set featuring Kings Manassa Turquoise.


More of a modern setting in these pendants with turquoise stones and matching beads.


Navajo necklace with Kachina side pieces and turquoise stone.  Set is complete with matching earrings.


Necklace and matching earrings from the Santo Domingo tribe of New Mexico.


This beautiful sunface necklace with feathers is accented by a dangling turquoise stone.


Navajo sunface necklace and matching earrings with Boulder Turquoise.


This dainty necklace would dress up everything from blue jeans to a formal.  It is two toned feathers with opal stones.


This necklace and earring set has both blue and white opal stones beautifully inlaid in Zuni style.


This old pawn set is made with heavy silver setting for the dark Brazilian amethyst.


Necklace and earring set with a very modern twist and featuring amethyst stones.  Comes with amethyst beads but also looks nice on a chain or silver beads.


Blue Gem Turquoise is featured in this large pendant.


This stunning Navajo squash has orange spiney oyster inside each blossom.


White stones set off this Navajo squash blossom set.


This extra large inlay set comes wth a necklace that has over 500 cuts in it alone.  Matching bracelet earrings and ring make up the rest of the set by Delvin John.


Multicolor beads with 3 strand center accented by silver barrel beads.


Necklace, earrings, and ring make up this beautiful set of Royal Blue Royston.


Pendant and earrings out of Magenta (also called purple turquoise).  


Boulder opal from Australia makes up this necklace and earring set.  One of the rarest genuine opals.


Sonora Sunrise is the name of this Chrysocolla that makes up this unusual necklace and earring set. Notice the horse head that seems to peer from the stone.


The beautiful thunderbirds are featured in this set made by Zuni artist Bobby Shack.


Complete coral set consists of necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring.


Small but beautiful.  This turquoise Zuni necklace and earring set would look great with any outfit.


Complete set consisting of pendant with matching beads, earrings, bracelet, and ring out of high quality Gaspeite.


Blue Gem Turquoise makes this beautiful set of pendant, beads, and earrings.


Angus Ahiyite is the Zuni artist on this nice dragon fly inlay necklace and earrings.


This fabulous rhodochrosite heart set in sterling silver would make the perfect gift for ladies of all ages.


Easter Blue turquoise is the center point of this pendant and is decked on each side by natural elk's teeth.


Beverly Estate necklace and earring set.


Sterling silver flat beads with stamped design.  Necklace & earrings.


This casual set is made up from antique looking silver beads and turquoise.


Necklace and earring set with sterling horses and black and white magnesite.


This necklace and earring set is done with malachite stones set in sterling silver.